R2ISC Associates


  Services provided by R2ISC Associates

  • Reengineering/Process Redesign - R2ISC Associates assists clients in improving their business process to achieve productivity gains

  • Package Evaluation and Selection - R2ISC Associates assists clients in selection tof he software package that most closely meets their needs.  These services include:    

    • Requirements gathering and documentation  

    • Reengineering/Process redesign

    • Workshops facilitation 

    • Script development for scripted demonstrations

    • Vendor analysis

    • Contract negotiation

    • Project management

  • Implementation Services - R2ISC Associates assists clients in implementing their software solutions. These services include:

    • Implementation Planning  

    • Data conversion

    • Testing (Test Planning, Stress Testing, Acceptance Testing)

    • Implementation Laboratory

    • Vendor monitoring

    • Training strategy 

    • Project management


  • Cost Management Systems  Design and Implementation R2ISC Associates assists client in developing cost accounting systems that allow companies to better manage their business


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