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 A Guide to Software Package Evaluation & Selection,

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Evaluating and Selecting Business Software

This site is dedicated to helping companies select the appropriate software to meet their needs.  This site uses the R2ISCSM selection method.


    Selecting package software [also known as COTS (Commercial Off  The Shelf  software)] can be a daunting task.  Not only do you need to select the right package, you need to select it in a manner that gets the buy-in of those who will be using the package.

    Selecting the wrong package may not only cause the software to become "shelfware" (sitting on the shelf gathering dust and not being used), it can cost as much as five times the price of the package, since the price of the package is often only 20% of the entire project's cost.   The wrong package can also have detrimental impact on the morale of the personnel.

   R2ISCSM Criteria

   R2ISC is an acronym for the five key criteria you need to analyze to quickly determine if a software package will meet your needs. The R2ISC Criteria are:

Requirements - Current - Ability (of the package) to meet your current business needs

Requirements - Future - Ability to modify the package to meet your new business needs

Implementability  - Ease of implementing the package

Supportability  - Ease of supporting the package in the future

Cost  - Total cost of the implementation the package and ongoing maintenance.

Each of the five R2ISC Criteria are analyzed in the R2ISC Process

R2ISCSM Process

The R2ISC  process is a four-step approach to analyzing the R2ISC Criteria.  The steps are:

Set the Goal - determine the rating scale for each of the R2ISCSM  Criteria and the details that comprise each of the criteria

Narrow the Field - evaluate all relevant packages to determine which four (4) finalists most closely meet your requirements. Use the Scripted Demonstration to see how each package meets your Current Requirements.

Select the Winner - analyze the four finalists thoroughly to determine the best package.

Sign the Contract - negotiate the contract to ensure that it is fair to you and to the vendor


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